Friday November 4th was my one year remission birthday remember this?
We celebrated low-key…
I slept in…
Mom made me a cake…
it was chocolate cake with white icing…which took me back to Friday lunch in high school where the tray consistenced of Pizza, peaches, and chocolate cake with white icing…did anyone else have the same experience?

I had a client session…
We had dinner at Applebee’s…
and a nice night relaxing at home…
will be the year to have a

Until then, I will give thanks for 1 year of being


Last year my thoughts on remission were less than comforting…I can’t say that I feel much differently today…every visit to the oncologist brings fear…the fear that my life can change without any notice…

aside from the amazing undeserved grace and peace that God provides daily…the only thing that calms that fear is that I KNOW now I am strong enough to make it through…ever seen this quote?
It is true…
JoyAnne said...I celebrate my husband getting saved after many many years of prayer.

Congrats April!

heather said...Congratulations! I celebrate the beginnings of coming out of the cloud of moodiness & depression that has plagued me for the last year.

Anonymous said...I celebrate making it through the hardest year of my academic career. Happy remission April!!! So happy for you. I can't believe it's been a year, though I'm sure it's felt every bit of it to you. Jana

GothBarbie said...CONGRATS APRIL!!!!!! I am so happy for you! 
I'm glad you're able to remember how very strong you are! What a sweet idea to hold a giveaway to celebrate!

This year I'm able to celebrate becoming a "big sister" mentor! I meet my "little sister" next week - I've been thinking about doing this for a while and I'm so glad I'm finally one meeting away from giving my time and attention to a girl who really needs me!

Mama4Real said...I can't believe it's already been a year! That's so awesome. Congrats!

This year has been all about change for us. So many changes. Buying a house, FINALLY getting out of Dallas (if only 45 minutes away), a new spiritual mindset, but the most important thing for me was turning 30, something I dreaded, which turned out to be a wonderful thing that the Lord used to jump-start MUCH deeper quiet times with Him. I have learned more in the last year than I have in the last 9, at least I think so :)

Topaz said...Congratulations!!! YOU are so super strong and amazing!!

I celebrated getting married this year! :O)

Laurie said...Congratulations! 

I am celebrating 93 year old Grandma's this year (one mine and one B's). We are just so fortunate to have had their influence on our lives. Both are great ladies.

Heidi Zapolski {Mommy Made From Scratch} said...Congratulations, April! So excited it's been a year! I can't wait for the par-tay in 2015!

I'm celebrating the start of my cooking blog that I've been talking about doing for awhile now and finally did.