Today was an amazing mail day! I received two packages.

First…Thoughtful, with all kinds of birdy goodies and even Dr. Pepper lip balm (this person did their research)…also a great encouraging note…

Second…a HUGE box of cards, and thoughtful gifts from my friends on Swap-Bot…you should seriously check the site out…it has been a blast swapping crafts, letters, and life with others…I’ve cut way back on my swapping for this time in my life…but Swap-Bot has not cut back on me…
Blair one of my new friends organized this love fest…she had all these people mail good wishes to me…There are over 20 people represented in these two photos…and she said that she has another box…I got books (good to read during chemo I’m sure), beautiful handmade gifts, stationary, crafting supplies, reusable bags, notepads, and encouraging notes, ect…The support of these amazing thoughtful women is BEYOND my comprehension…I am convinced that the love, prayers, and well wishes of my friends (new and old) and family (biological and church) is the reason, I am able to stand without falling…

As if this isn’t enough…Blair (yes the same one from above) and another new friend Robin have offered to do something pretty darn amazing…

Blair is making a Swap-Bot cookbook, she will be gathering recipes from swap members and making a cookbook out of them, she will bind them herself and then sell them…As of yesterday the recipes are being submitted and the process is started…


Robin is making ribbons…LIME green ribbons in support of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, with little birdy charms on them…I think, they will be ready in the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to see them…and she will be selling them…

Blair and Robin share an etsy store and they have told me that the proceeds of the cookbook and ribbons are going to me to help as I adjust to changes in my life due to this cancer thing…

They wanted to help in some tangible way and made their own way of doing that…I am sure these women have full lives and for them to take on these projects to help me out is pretty mindboggling…and inspiring

Just wanted to share how an idea can, mixed with love and selflessness, explode into a box of greatness…what can you do, RIGHT NOW, for someone (not me) in your life that might desperately need a pick-me-up…Go, get a card and simply let someone know you are thinking of them…I guarantee it will be appreciated and may even be exactly what that person needs…think outside the box…

Until Later! I’m off to find the profiles of all these wonderful girls that blessed me today so that I can thank them…
Robin said...This post is awesome! You made my little old heart soar with every word! Swapbot can be a wonderful place! I've met many wonderful people like you and Blair. I treasure you both! 

Big hugs to you!

Jennifer Ramey said...How wonderful! Just today I sent a birthday card for Fred (listed in a pf on Swap-bot). It's his 100th birthday coming up. I love to see people that old and can you imagine the life experiences he has had!!! 

I think it is terrific that Blair and Robin were so kind to you. They have been kind to me in the past too, and I bet it made you cry to know that these virtual strangers cared so much for you. 

Even in this day and age, people still have charity and kindness in their hearts...and it's pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

4smartmonkeys said...How wonderful! Your post is lovely.
I really enjoy Swap-bot, and wouldn't have met so many wonderful people, if I hadn't joined.
Very happy you like all the great stuff :)


heather said...HI April, You are right about the difference a card makes. Thank you so much for the one you sent to me last week. :)

Pandessa said...I sent a card to Patrick at Cibele's request on the forum. Glad you liked all your goodies, you DESERVE them!

Anonymous said...I sent two cards out to friends in my SS class that wanted prayers for their week. 

Laurie D

Slamophile said...Yes, I too, like Jennifer Ramey, sent a 100th Birthday card to Fred. That's amazing - 100!
See, rainbow - there's lots of years left for you, yet! xx

Anonymous said...How wonderful April! You are such a great friend! I am glad you are doing okay! love, love, love! -Melissa H (your pal and swap bot friend)

Anonymous said...hi, i just followed throu from swapbot and have read through your writing April. I am so please that you have got so many well wishers and friends and senders that are new to you. I would like to agree that a card or a message of hello on a profile can mean so much and bring a smile when it is read or received. I have sent some out in the last couple of weeks as raks and have just stopped by on members profiles and said "hello". I realise you are having a tuff time at the moment and that is more then an under statement. I feel uplifted that you are able to say thanks for what you have received to each of your senders indivually, that will take some doing but I am sure every comment you send will send back a warm glow that the card/atc/book/gift pleased you. You have many supporters on swapbot, take good care, all the best.Merlinda

Bard Judith said...Masterbard from SB here! Sending you a RAK and prayers for your health - you will overcome this.



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