I got a blood transfusion Saturday morning…

I got off work at 7 a.m. went straight to the hospital for 7 hours and then came home for a while before going back to work…I didn’t get a lot of good sleep today but I only have tonight and tomorrow night before my week off so I know I can do it!

Hopefully this transfusion will boost my energy and help me to get well…I’ve been dirt tired for two weeks and it has been wearing me down emotionally…Friday when I was getting blood work to find out if I needed a Procrit shot or a blood transfusion was my END…You can’t go to the hospital for ANYTHING without it takingHOURS…it can be so frustrating…and draining…


Finally after 2 hrs the nurses told me that the doctor wanted me to get a transfusion…I  just started crying, because of my work schedule I felt paralyzed to make a choice as to WHEN to get the transfusion …I felt so overwhelmed…Luckily the nurses are wonderful and helped me choose today because I could sleep while getting it and if I waited to get the transfusion then I would just be delaying feeling better…

It has been a day and a half and I am starting to feel perkier…I am hopeful this week I will be able to get a good sleep and then actually enjoy life a little…I’ve felt a bit isolated and alone the past few weeks…
Zapolski Family said...Hope you get some much needed rest soon! As far as Windows 7 is concerned...we got a new computer a few months ago with it but I really can't remember what our old version was like 'cause I've gotten so used to this one! Sorry I'm not much help!

Anonymous said...April, just hang in there. God is still on the throne! Many times He says in His word that HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US!! He knows our needs. I pray that He will put His arms of peace around you, my dear. I can't. Just know we love you and pray for you!!!!!

Maria Isabel said...I love that new laptop, its so cute! 
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Rachel said...Very cute laptop. Too fun!

I pray that you are feeling better. I'm glad to read that you have some more energy.


Ariel Bouvier said...Laptop is way cute! I will keep you in my prayers.

peace & love,

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